Saturday, February 11, 2012

Buckhouse Family

We are so, so lucky to have this family's grandma/mom as our daycare provider.  We have had her since the very beginning and could not be happier!  She really has become a second mom to my girls :)  Anyways...back to this perfect little family...for unfortunate reasons they were making the trek back home from South Dakota to attend a funeral.  Lucky for me, I got to capture little H's 1 year pictures!  She was so much fun and had the most big and beautiful eyes ever!
Boy are they in trouble when she gots older!!
 And this was just the greatest pose ever!

 And last but not least, the perfect little family....

Thanks Buckhouse family for choosing me to capture little H's 1 year pictures...hope to see you again!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Sherman Family

I was elated when these three beautiful girls' mom e-mailed me asking for me to do a mini session.  I was also honored as their mom is a great photographer herself!  You could definately tell that this is a regular thing for the three of them as we were done in about half hour with all three of them.  And this is just a fraction of the great pictures we got.  After we were done with pictures, the two older girls stayed to play with my two girls.  What a treat that about two of the most polite girls ever!  I can only hope mine are like that at other people's houses.  Enough is the real reason you came here ;)
 B is in Taya's grade and they seem to really click, they both love crafts, drawing and riding dirtbikes.  We are lucky they live close so we can go snag the girls whenever we want ;)

And then there is S...she was feeling a little bit left out when B was going to stay, so you should've seen the cute, shy smile she had when I asked her to stay too.

And the main reason they came was to capture this little cutie before she grew anymore.  You may have seen this same picture on Facebook but I put a little twist on it and loved it!  So I couldn't resist on posting it again.

And finally one of all the girls together...

Thanks Sherman family for choosing me to capture your family.  I can't wait to catch up again, this time we will have to visit longer and talk more photography too ;)
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