Monday, April 19, 2010

B turns 1!!

I couldn't believe how much B had grown since I last saw her at her 6 month session..her hair had changed, she was so tall and she loves to move! And I could've just giggled at her jabber all day! I have never heard a 1 year old talk as much as her and you could tell she was really telling you something.


And I guess by now you all have figured out what my favorite pictures are...natural and just playing and is her shot at it and I must say it is a keeper!

Thanks for letting me caputure you little cutie again! Hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just because...

I love them! These two are the light of our life, they bring so much joy to us and are the whole reason I started this excursion. So on Saturday I had two photo shoots and had my backgrounds set up and figured it was about time to post a few pictures of our own for a change.
T looks so beautiful in brown and took the most perfect picture!
T - 6 1/2 years
Then there is K...I heard a bunch of rummaging when I was taking T's pictures and figured she was just off playing. I told her it was her turn and this is what she came with...reindeer antlers! This is just so K, not a care in the world and never worries too much about what people think of her. And to make it even more special, I captured her wearing to most this is the everyday thing but not to K, she is our dress girl(which is awesome!) but I still like to see her in a jeans once in a while. Without further a do...our little K, and K is for kitty which she tells us everyday she wishes she was ;)
Silly K

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - "Little color"

the long road

Of course I can't resist using this little cutie for my entry this week!

And just because I always love a little color! This one was so much more stunning with just a hint of color.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lovable M ~

When M's mom e-mailed me and wanted me to do her 6 month pictures I was elated. There is something I love about doing little girls photos, not that I don't have a ton of fun taking the boys' but it just brings me back to when my girls were little, and it sure seems like it was just yesterday! I also wish that I could've had some fun pictures of my girls like these. M was so much fun and I couldn't believe when she just sat there for an hour and let us do whatever we wanted to do to her. My kids would've never accepted that:) But I am pretty sure her parents will be overjoyed with what we got. I know they have been waiting patiently for these so hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


And grandma bought her this cute little bracelet, she was so funny to watch because she would just wave her hand when she had it on.

Like a beautiful flower in a flower pot!



Last, but definately my favorite! I have been waiting to do this with a little girl since I started photography! And I got it :)
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