Sunday, May 23, 2010

E turns 3!

Here is the sneak peak for the M family...I just love this family...our girls are lucky enough to go to daycare with these kids and I am happy to have their momma as one of my really good friends. And to top it off we only live about 4 miles from each other so hopefully this summer we can get together more often ;)
E is such a handsome little guy, he rairly smiles for me when I try to talk to him at daycare but he felt comfortable enough to talk to me and actually throw out some smiles, and I am happy to say I love them all!!
And what a great capture of the two of them...usually I am lucky to get one good picture of siblings but these two had about 10 great pictures!!

E M-7784WEB

And then their is S...I love her smile, her personality and she reminds me so much of her mom(lucky girl)

E M-7853WEB

Thanks M family...can't wait for our next playdate, I will make sure my girls are there for you guys!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Black and White Wednesday-Better Late than Never!

I have been swamped today...I had this picture all prepped and ready and didn't get a chance to add it until now! I went searching through my archives for this one...I attended a great workshop in the cities with Noemi Photography. What an experience it was as I was just starting out at the time. And what a fun atmosphere to learn in besides. I have so many great ones but this one just stuck out to me...
Hopefully next week I will have some updated ones from clients!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The M Family...and baby makes 3!

What a fun family to work with! The older two were just willing to do whatever I said and just sat there with a smile until I said we were ready for the next one. And when I asked if they wanted to take more...they did!! I love families like that:) This family is cousins to the little boy in my last post, so of course they have the beautiful eyes like him too.


And then there was baby T...she was so dark complected, perfect skin and such a cutie!! And I can't believe how many smiles we got out of her to boot...

And those eyes...

Every little girl needs to have a flower headband!

Thanks M Family..hope you enjoyed your sneak peak and can't wait for you to see the rest!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Black and White Wednesday & Sneak Peak-"J turns 1"

I have been lucky enough to capture this little guy since he was 3 months old, and what a blast it has been!! I loved watching this little guy grow and how much he has changed over the last couple of months even. So this time I decided to incorporate their sneak peak with B&W Wednesday.
Love his little smile!!
And yes...those are really how blue his eyes are!!
And here is my black and white for the day...I have to say I love it both ways but when he has such bright blue eyes you just can't pass on that!
And last but not least...this one is for daddy!! This is one of my favorites and the outfit just completes it!
Thanks again M family!! I have had so much capturing both of your kids and of course getting to visit with you guys too ;) Can't wait for you to see the rest!!
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