Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another 1 year old...

I was so glad this family wanted to wait for it to get nice out to do a session outside.  All of their birthday's are around February and March so we usually just miss the nice weather for outdoor pictures.  It was so much fun to take their pictures this year too because they actually all remember me, which made it so easy, quick and painless for them.  It also helps just to capture them the way they are!

I think they all look similar but the older they get...the more they get their own features...

We will go youngest to oldest this time as little {E} turned 1!   You may remember him from my favorite 3 month session ever!!

And then there is Mr. {J}...I think he looks like he is always thinking about something ;)

And gorgeous {K}, I swear this girl never, ever takes a bad picture!! 

And lastly, we had to try get the two boys in their it!

Thanks {M} Family!!  Please come over and visit anytime!

Monday, May 7, 2012

And baby {K} makes 3...

This is the first time I have gotten to capture this family, but had met their mom along the way at some of the Thirty-One Parties I consulted.  These are some of the cutest kids ever and how well behaved.  Our session got a little long for them as the newest addition was so happy and content just staying awake and taking in all that was going on around her.  I have to say what a perfect baby she is though, as she let me move her around so much and never made a peep, the whole while being awake!
Here are the older siblings...All of their eyes were just amazing!

And I just love {C}'s curls!

And last but not least...the new addition.  She was only 3 weeks old, but as alert and strong as a 4 month old!  I got her to sleep for about 20 minutes and loved what I got...
I just had to share one to show how beautiful her eyes are too...

Thanks {C} Family for choosing me to capture your perfect kids!  I hope we get to meet up again soon...
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