Monday, May 30, 2011

Sneak Peak - Little {S}

What a beautiful baby...and I just love when moms bring their own fun props along! She was a fellow etsy addict like me so it was so adorable. I first got to capture their older little boy about 6 months ago at his first they brought their newest addition along.
I just had to use my newest prop form The Shed...I just love it that you can use it from newborns up to older children!
What a fun headband too!
And we couldn't leave {P} out of these....he was a pretty active little guy but this picture is almost as if she is looking up at him.

And just had to add one of {P}...he has the best smile all the time. He was just busy playing with his grandma's phone but still gave these sweet smiles.
Thanks {M} family!! So happy to have you back in the area and I have enjoyed getting to capture your wonderful children.

Sneak Peak - {S} Family

I was so happy to be capturing this family....I have taken of their kids before but never have gotten to of the whole family. And what a great family they can just tell how much they love each other in every picture. And the kids....they did so great that it was really a quick session. But I would have to say that I captured everything that we wanted to...and then some!!
Seriously...I could just eat these kids up and take pictures of them all day!


And finally little K...we weren't going to take any of the kids individually because they just wanted the family pictures. Here I sat for about a half hour earlier in the day picking the dandelions out of my shooting location and when K got there...that is what she wanted to do...and I LOVED it! These turned out so adorable and I am so happy I took a few extras!!
Just look at those lips and lashes!
Thanks {S} family for coming back...we need to get the kids together to play again sometime soon! Miss seeing you at your old work ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sneak Peak - {M} Family

It was such a beautiful day outside for pictures and I was sooooo happy to finally be back outside!!! What a fun family and the kids did so well it was a pretty quick session....little {C} just had a permagrin the whole time that I had to tell her I would need her back for some practice sessions!!
Beautiful {C}~~
And handsome {E}~~He was a ball of fire but definately a cutie!


And what a perfect family....
And I just couldn't do the post without this picture...I just loved it!
Thanks {M} family...Hope you like your pictures!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black & White Wednesday - Time for my own

I have been pretty swamped around here lately with session...I am loving it but I needed to make time for my own girls. It was a beautiful night last night so thought it was time to take my own out for some pictures. Taya and Kya are always beyond willing but Kya just wasn't interested. I was happy I got her to join in and can't wait to show you the rest of this session hopefully soon!
I just can not believe how grown up Taya is getting...she says she is going to be a farmer and a photographer when she gets older. I always ask her how that is going to work as your busiest times for farming is spring and fall...same with photography:) I love it though.
TK May 2011-2894-bwWEB
And then there is Kya...she too has gotten so mature. We have been super busy at the school lately with preparing for Kindergarten. She is beyond excited to go everyday (I wonder is she will be saying that when she is 16!!) She wants to be a vet or a surfer girl when she gets older...hmmm....wonder how the whole surfer girl thing will go growing up in Northern Minnesota ;) But the girl loves to dream so you never know!! I wouldn't mind getting to visit her somewhere warm...but then again I would love for her to just live right next to me forever....Taya already has plans for that!
TK May 2011-2902-bwWEB

What a little model....she just does her own thing.....LOVE THESE TWO MORE THAN ANYTHING!! I definately have been holding my husband and family closer this week as one of Nick's cousin passed on suddenly after his Boston marathon qualifying run....35 years young and leaves behind a great wife and 3 wonderful kids. They are constantly in my thoughts and prayers along with his parents. He was always such a happy go lucky guy and I can just picture his smile. He grew up only a block from me so we knew his family very well. Life can end at any time and I need to make more time to enjoy my family. So happy camping is finally upon us to enjoy those weekends with them.
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