Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sneak Peak - {K} turns 5!!

I just love everytime this family returns with their two kids...and can't wait for their third one to arrive in a couple months!! {K} is just two days younger than our youngest so we get to see lots of them with dance and all the other activities.
I just loved this pretty!
K-5 yrs-1602WEB

K-5 yrs-1672WEB

K-5 yrs-1716WEB

And last but not least...this picture is one of my favorites because she is wearing one of the hats my mom makes!!
K-5 yrs-1745WEB

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sneak Peak - The {H} Family

Well, I am finally back at it!! I was so excited when the {H} family contacted me after their new little girl was had been a while since I got to capture a fresh baby and was so excited to take on this adventure again ;)
Big sister {A} came along for some family pictures and a few of her own...I just LOVED her curls!!
And what a close up but I just loved the way she came into the photo on this one!
And what a perfect family!


And last but not certainly not {J}. She had the best tinge of red hair color ever and was just simply adorable. She wasn't too into pictures but I think we snuck quite a few from her. She sure was happy on mom's shoulder!
And we were trying to use some of my new hats and she just wasn't having the naked part. This turned out so cute though!
Thanks {H} family...can't wait to capture your family again!
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