Monday, October 13, 2014

Sneak Peak - {B} turns 6 months and big sister {T}

One of my favorite families came back for a fall visit, I was so excited and happy!  Unfortunately is was a chilly Sunday so we got just a few outside but I have to say the studio session was just as cute, but then how can it now be with this beautiful family ;)

Tell me if you don't think they are the most perfect ever...I am a little partial to a family with 2 girls, seems pretty natural to me...ha/ha.

These two are too cute for words...

And I just had to post this comparison, I JUST.COULD.NOT RESIST! {T} at 6 months (on the right), 2 years ago and {B} at 6 months(on the left) now.  Such different looks but yet, similar.  I simply love all the baby chub, makes me want to just squeeze them!

Thanks again {W} family for stopping by, can't wait to watch your two perfect girls grow <3 br="">

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sneak Peak-{B} & {K} Happy 4th of July!

Boy has the rain been tampering on my sessions!!  Luckily I have some pretty awesome parents that are willing to keep rescheduling.  And I was so glad we had with the gorgeous night we had for this shoot.  I loved our location and the kids were so much fun.  The whole session was an absolute breeze, what a change from last year when {K} was at the hard age of not wanting any pictures at all, I couldn't get him to stop smiling the whole time this year.

{B} simply gets more and more gorgeous each and every year...

Can they look any more alike??

And {K} was the best smiler ever!

We got to have a little 4th of July fun too....

Thanks for a fun, fun session!  I really could've taken these two home with me, and I would have.  It's not very often I get hugs at the end of the session <3 br="">
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