Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - "Happy 1st Birthday"

Happy Birthday mini bubba!!! I am so blessed to have family live so close to us...this is the brother of last weeks black and white wednesday and the same little guy as this post a few posts back. You know, as parents you don't always notice the change babies make in 3 short months but I can't believe the change in K...he looks so much older now!! And he has managed to start walking and exploring everything in those short 3 months. Without further ado......K. Hope you have the best birthday little guy!! We love you!
K turns 1-0438b&wWEB
And the color version just because you can't miss his eyes!
K turns 1-0438WEB
And I finally got to do a cake smash!! It was so much fun and can't wait until I can do it again!
Next post...big brother N!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - Happy

I was taking pictures of our nephew K for his 1 year birthday coming up at the end of October when we decided to take a few pictures of the older kids. I was sitting editing them last night when Nick walked in and said that is so A!!! I love this picture because when she is at the age of cheesy smiles but this is so natural and perfect!!


And here is the black and white version....I just love what the texture added to it!

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the long road

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black & White Wednesday - "9 months"

Isn't this little guy just the cutest thing ever! He joined our family just about a year ago now but I had to recap on his 9 month session because I have been so busy and I couldn't leave these off the blog!! He looks SO much like his older brother it's awesome!
And I just had to post it in color too...who can resist those eyes and his smile!
He was looking at mom!
And this one has a little grain added to it but I love it that way. Grandma has a picture of Grandpa that looks just like this...I can't wait to see the resemblance.

To see more Black and White Wednesday entries, head on over to Lisa's blog! They are about to embark on one of the best journey's ever to their little girl in China!! I can't wait to follow along. Say an extra prayer for them that they have safe travels!
the long road

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sneak Peak-{G} Family

I was so happy when this family wanted to come back for more!! They were my first official "stranger" family and we have become great friends since then. The kids had sure changed since they were here last time..I think they switched rolls!! But they sure stayed as cute as ever and were so much fun to capture. They kept me on my toes but I like a challenge once in a while....{G} Family, I hope you are as happy with these as I am...It was so much fun seeing and visiting with you again ;)

Definately a future heartbreaker!!
What a cutie...I just LOVED her little boots!! And it was much easier getting some smiles out of her this time ;)
And this time we got to capture mom and dad!!


Sneak Peak - {S} Family

I have been lucky enough to know this family forever...they are distant cousins of my husband and close cousins of my best friend so we pretty much grew up together. They 7 years ago we were both lucky enough to have two precious little girls about a month apart. Needless to say, they are great friends in school so we will be seeing a lot more of them! Happily of course ;) So when J secretively scheduled me to take family and couple pictures of them for their Anniversary I was elated. A is an awesome photographer herself...but who wouldn't be with these two cuties she has to capture. Thanks for a great time {S} Family...I just LOVE your yard and wish I had that many fun locations in one yard!!
These two remind me so much of my girls...they are so adorable!


What a cute couple...you can just tell they are still so much in love!
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