Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Man J-6 months

This little guy was just the cutest, he walked in the door and I said one word to him and he had a smile! And his mom just had the cutest outfits ever for him. Hope you guys like your sneak peak and can't wait for you to see the rest!

I just love this picture...he was so cute in his little hat...and love mommy's hand sneaking in there too..

And what a perfect family!

And cousin C came along to take some pictures with J...she had the most beautiful eyes.

And this was at the very end...poor little guy was not feeling the best, but oh so precious for sure:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

K & J-6 months

I was happy to have the M family back again and this time little man J was 6 months. I just love working with their mom, she is so much fun and willing to try anything! She's also very supportive of me so that helps ;)
Here are just a few from our sessions...I don't want to spoil their christmas cards so those are being kept in the vault.
Hope you like your sneak peak and can't wait for you to see the rest!!

This is one of my all time favorite studio shots I have taken!!! I think this is going to be a huge canvas in my studio!

And this one was just too cute not to put on here!

And I couldn't resist just one of K on here...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The N Family Returns

I was so happy when the N Family e-mailed me and wanted to do family pictures!! I have to say that they were one of the easiest and fastest families I have taken pictures of so far. Here is your sneak peek...hope you like the rest!

I love this picture because you can tell it is such a natural laughter!

And the older brother...for handsome!!

And what a perfect family picture..

Thanks!! And can't wait to take them again!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Handsome B

This little guy sure was shy but I think we got quite a few for his mom and dad. I sure felt bad for him at the end, his poor little lips were just shaking because it was so cold outside. Thanks for coming all the way here S family, hope you like you sneak peak and can't wait for you to see the rest.

This is so perfect...

There's his smile!

And he loved the tractor:)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sneak Peak for B & R

I got to photograph another of my cousins cute boys, we are so lucky that our kids get to go to the same daycare so they are all pretty close. Sometimes a person shows up and finds the neatest places to take the pictures...this is truely one of my favorites:) T family, hope you like your preview!

B's mischieveous smile...him and my daughter T get into lots of trouble together...heard some of his moms side of the stories while I was there!

And R's eyes are to die for...

So grown up...

And for anyone who knows this little boy...you know this is a rare moment:) But I have to say it definately is one of my favorites from the whole shoot!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby B-6 months

Yesterday I got to photograph baby B at my house. She had to have been one of the most mild mannered 6 months olds I have ever seen. She didn't make a peep the whole time we were taking pictures, even when the mosquitos were eating us all alive. Typical six month old, she had more fun shoving everything she could into her mouth than looking at the camera. We did manage to get quite a few though. L family, hope you like your sneak peak and can't wait for you to see the rest.

She has the most beautiful blue eyes and I just love her fluffy hair:)

Long lashes and tongue...

And here is her smile...painted toe nails and all. She had a few smiles for daddy!

And their perfect family...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our girls.......

It's been a while since I have updated but figured I would put a few pictures up of the girls. T started Kindergarten last week and is loving it, and is so excited to tell me how her day went everyday when we get home, and K is in her first day of pre-school right now. She was so excited this morning she just about couldn't stand it!!! And then wanted her sister when it came time for me to leave. No tears though so all in all it was a good start to the day, although hopefully it stayed good all day:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Handsome Mr. M

I had such a fun time taking M's pictures on Sunday evening. I just loved his little outfits and sometimes, just sometimes make me wish we had a little boy too:) But I think that is why I enjoy this job so much because I get to enjoy them while taking pictures.
And boy did he have a fun personality and the cutest, cutest dimples ever!! Thanks for letting me take your pictures N family and can't wait for you to see the rest of them!!

Here is his awesome little twins outfit!!

And his cute little sweater vest!! (Love it!)

And don't forget boys being boys...just having fun:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sneak peak of Z & B

I had so much fun taking pictures of these two!! They are my cousins handsome boys and I used to watch the oldest one all the time when he was a baby. Now I needed a step ladder just to take his pictures!! Wow does time fly by:)

Thanks G family and can't wait for you to see the rest!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sneak peak for the B family

Last weekend I met up with the B family. They were such a pleasure to work with and it sure isn't hard to take pictures when they are all so perfect!!
B family, thanks for letting me come to your cabin and photograph your beautiful grandchildren, it was so much fun!!!

This is handsome M, he has the most stunning eyes. And I just love his smile!!

And this is cousin B, he was so easy to photograph and I just love his hair!

This is beautiful M, she was pretty shy at first but came around when she saw how much fun everyone else was having:)

The last, but not least is little B, she was so fun because she would just sit and pose and ask me to take a picture!!

Thanks again, and can't wait for you to see the rest of the pictures!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Excuse the Mess!!

Please excuse the mess on my blog...I am doing some updating so I can have prices listed on here also!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sneak Peak for K & J

So I know their mom is patiently waiting for these...hope you like them. You were great to work with and can't wait for the next time!

Little Man J

K-Beautiful Eyes

Monday, July 27, 2009

Behind on posting....

Smoochy Lips
So I am really behind on posting but hope to stay caught up now. This is one of my favorite pictures ever! Whenever K wants a kiss, she doesn't just ask for a kiss...she wants a smoochy kiss. And boy does she have the best smoochy lips ever!! And I love them and hope to remember them always by this picture!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Constantly Learning

So I am constantly trying to learn new tricks and tips for my photography. I have started to follow quite a few blogs and came across this one, The Creative Mama , and it is so much fun. They are actually going to be starting a two week series starting July 6th called For the Love of Photography. It should be a lot of fun tips and information. And they are even having giveaways!!! So hope you all enjoy it as much as I will.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Enjoying Life!!
While editing a few pictures, I found this one of my baby. I just love it so much!! Even though it is party cut off and you can't see much of her. I love how the wind is catching her hair and she is just plain old happy.

Starting the blog

Well so I am going to take the plung and finally start a blog. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Hopefully I will be able to update frequently.
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