Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Thankful...Sneak Peak {B} and {K}

Happy Thanksgiving...hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and get to enjoy it throughout the weekend!  Unfortunately, I get to head back to work tomorrow but at least I love where I work ;)  I wanted to sneak this post up as it was such a fitting day for it.  I have been lucky enough to know these two girls' mom forever.  Facebook has wonderful ways of connecting me to the past and I was so happy when their mom contacted me to capture the two girls.  I think their mom and dad have LOTS to be thankful for with these two.  It has been amazing meeting so many people through my photography business that have gotten to adopt, and how lucky they all are.  It is a dream of mine to fly across the world some day and do some missionary work at an orphanage and I can not wait to see that dream come true...but until then, I will just enjoy my job and love up on all the kids I get to capture during the year ;)
I just loved, loved their mom's choice of clothing...and a great way to start the holiday season!

I think by now, everyone knows that one of my favorite images is a profile image.  I just had to giggle when I was editing these, little {K} was giggling so hard at her big sister that you can hardly see her little eyes, so when it was {B}'s turn to try, {K} was trying all sorts of moves to get her to laugh like she did!

Thanks {B} family for letting me capture your gorgeous girls!  It was so fun catching up, next time I hope I get to stay and enjoy your girls for a while ;)


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